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How To Get Out of a Creative Rut

Been stuck in a rut lately? Don’t worry, me too! Last week was ROUGH. I had no motivation to create anything, or even work on my calligraphy. This could be due to lack of sales (thanks Covid!), I was working remote from my parents house, or even from overworking myself and not allowing myself to relax. Needless to say, these factors really put me in a rut, and I’m going to tell you how I got out of it, and hopefully it can help you as well!

If you’re a creative also working in the wedding industry, I get it. Times are tough. But, it’s so important to tell yourself that it is not you, it’s really just that the wedding industry is unfortunately on hold. Hang in there creatives!!

Anywho, here’s how I got out of my rut. I ended my workday on Friday early, and took myself to a local Goodwill. I love to scrounge and look around at all the unwanted goods to see if I can make someone fun! I also love it because I know I won’t break my bank at the end of the day. & I can usually find some cute clothes if I look, so double bonus! Honestly, I think me getting away from my desk did the trick.

In addition to thrifting, I went to a vintage market this past weekend. Basically thrifting, except a lot less clothes and a lot more stuff. (Still equally fun though!) Walking through the isles of different vendors I loved seeing all of the unique booths and charm they each brought individually. I can’t even tell you the inspiration this gave me to create! Next on my list is opening one of these booths myself. (I already have ideas galore happening in my head.)

If you’re stuck in a rut, please don’t be too hard on yourself. (Trust me, I am! Much easier said than done.) Just remind yourself times are touch and this literally happens to everyone. Take a break, do some yoga, meditate, journal, anything to let your brain recharge!

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