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How to really begin learning Calligraphy

I can’t even tell you how many people DM me and ask how they can learn calligraphy or how to “write like that.” (& I’m not even cool or have many followers LOL.) This is where some calligraphers will try to sell you tickets to their workshops or prompt you buy their practice sheets… but I’m not here to do either of those.

I cannot stress enough: You do not need to spend money to learn calligraphy.

Now, let me reiterate. You really don’t need to buy fancy paper, work books, or practice sheets to learn. Sure, they might help and be slightly beneficial, but I’m here to tell you to save your money! When I first started learning, I grabbed an old ruled notebook from high school and declared that my new calligraphy notebook. I would sit down in the living room, put on old reruns of Friends, and write whatever words popped into my head with a regular old Crayola marker. And let me tell you, I was BAD. Special shout out to my family for their lying abilities and telling me how good I was. (YIKES.)

I would recommend not investing any money on supplies until you start to get the hang of writing in cursive. From there, you may want to get a few brush markers or pens, but please, don’t splurge yet! Remember, you’re still practicing and learning. After then when you really get the hang of it, and feel like its worth-while to spend $6 on one pen, feel free! From there, if you’re interested in pointed pen calligraphy (my boyfriend called it a quill for the longest time) go for it! Start off with a cutie little beginner kit from Michael's; I think they’re like maybe $11? (And don’t forget Michael’s always has a coupon!)

Another little tip would be to watch videos of lettering videos. You can find these on Instagram or YouTube (or TikTok I hear). And they’re so relaxing, so a double win! Watching will get you looking at when to press harder with your marker/nib and see how to join letters together.

Literally, just practice. There it is, that’s the big secret. Unfortunately, this won’t be an overnight thing for you. Learning calligraphy will take time, and most importantly, practice. Like most things in life, the more you put into it, the better you’ll get! (Ugh, I know I hate hearing that too.) It takes a while to get the hang of writing, and then becomes a whole new journey to learn how to properly use your nibs and inks. Good luck & happy lettering friends!

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