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My Top Five Favorite Tools for Anything DIY

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

I have always been a huge DIYer. Like everything. “Thanks, I made it!” is a sentence I say daily (at least before quarantine and I actually got to see people). So many of my friends have asked how I make the things I do, whether it’s a rhetorical question or legit they want to know, I am always happy to tell them!

One problem I’ve noticed over the years when explaining my crafts is how uncrafty some people are. I don’t say this to be mean at all. But I’ve noticed I’ve had to explain what mod-podge is a lottttt throughout the years. In this post, I’m going to list my top five crafting essentials that I probably couldn’t live without. Side note* Any purchases made through the below links directly support me and allow me to continue going what I love (at no extra cost to you). I have used all of these products and would never suggest anything I didn’t love myself!


Without a doubt, a drop cloth is the top recommendation I have for anyone doing anything slightly messy. My first memory of really getting in trouble when I was younger was spilling a can of paint on the carpet. I don’t even remember what I was painting at the time, but that teal blue stain the size of my head (!!) really didn’t let me forget about it every time I walked in my room.


In interior design school, our professors taught us to cut paper correctly, we needed a cork-back metal ruler and a sharp new x-acto knife and cutting mat to get the job done. I highly respected them during school, but since then I’ve gotten a cheap little paper cutter that has changed. My. life. This is so much faster, easier, and my edges always turn out 90 degrees. I just wish I knew about this sooner!


Alright friends I will explain, mod-podge is a white paste that can act as glue or sealer for almost anything you’re working on. It dries clear, so you can literally glue right on top of paper to get it to stick to another surface. I recently discovered mod-podge spray and it’s a game changer!


Okay this is pretty self-explanatory. I hot glue everything. I probably shouldn’t but it’s fine. You can even find cheap hot glue guns at the dollar tree sometimes! Of course, you pay for what you get so just be sure to keep that in mind.


Alright guys. This is my favorite tool ever. Now I do not recommend this to anyone new to the crafting game. This little guy is an investment. For years I asked only for Michaels gift cards for birthday and Christmas gifts to save up for one until my sweet mom surprised me with one for Christmas. A literal angel. I can’t even tell you the game changer this has made for my Calligraphy business!

This Cricut is basically a really fancy paper cutter. There are different models, and I have the Maker, which can cut all the things. I’m talkin’ wood, fabric, metal, chipboard, ALL THE THINGS. I can gush about it all day, but I won’t. If you’re only interested in cutting paper and vinyl I would absolutely recommend the less expensive options, such as the Explore. Also keep in mind, you need to buy different tips for the Cricut to be able to cut the different materials, but that’s a story for another day.

There you have it, my top five crafting tools! But trust me I could go on all day, and I’m sure the movers that helped up move last could tell you the same thing. The amount of “Baylee Craft Room” boxes I had was almost embarrassing. Thanks for reading friends!


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