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Why you NEED a seating chart for your wedding

Okay, so that title may be a little pushy. Working in the calligraphy business for the past couple of years, I have learned A LOT about weddings. And, living in the south, I’ve also been to a ton of weddings. (That sounds kind of complain-y, and I promise, I’m not, I absolutely LOVE weddings.)

Some of you may be planning weddings yourselves, (bless you if you’re a Covid bride, sending all my love) and have come across the seating chart debacle, and whether or not to have one. I’m here to tell you why you need a seating chart.

You might be thinking to yourself, I’m not going to have one and let my guests choose where they want to sit, they’ll be way happier, etc. While this is definitely an option worth considering, just know that when your guests are choosing their seats, they’re more than likely going to try to find an empty table. And, they will fill up fast, leaving your guests to choose what strangers they want to sit with, which can be awkward for some people (especially if that bar hasn’t opened yet!). And, if you’ve got guests in larger friend groups, they probably won’t be able to find an empty

table that can fit all of them, forcing them to split up and maybe leaving them slightly annoyed on what is supposed to be the best day ever! This also usually results in needing an additional table or two, which will increase the linen and tablewear cost.

Here’s how to fix it!

Table Assignment: This is where you assign people a certain table to sit at, but they can choose where at the table they want to sit. This can be done by having a universal chart somewhere in the venue that everyone can look at to find their name and then find their table. Or you can set up escort cards, which are place cards displayed that say your guests name as well as their table numbers. (see photo to the right) They will then take this card

to their tables with them, hence the name!


Seating Chart: This is where you assign your guests a table and the exact seat they’ll sit in. This is typically done with a board in the same way you would have used for the table assignments, and then in addition, have name cards on the plate at the seat you’ve assigned for them. I would absolutely recommend having a clear chart, and not just the name cards, so your guests don’t have to walk around every single table to find where they belong.

On top of these options, there are so many ways to display a seating chart, table numbers, name cards, escort cards, etc. Literally so many options. Did I overwhelm you? (B/c I lowkey overwhelmed myself!) I often get asked what people should do but ultimately, it’s your wedding and your choice! At the end of the day, do what makes YOU happy. Now, go check out Pinterest and find some inspiration!

Cheers friends,


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