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How to Make Bracelet Stacks

Hi friends!!!

Looking for a fun craft to keep you occupied during the winter months now that it gets dark at 5PM (barf)?! Let's learn how to make these super easy bracelets - perfect for gifting this holiday season or potentially even creating a new side hustle! Here is a simple tutorial on how to make these super on-trend bracelet stacks!

First, you'll want to gather your materials:

-elastic string (this is NOT something you want to cheap out on!)

-wooden beads (optional)

-metallic beads (optional)

-mini beads (optional)

-super glue

Just as a heads up, there are tons of kits for bracelet making in craft stores and Amazon. I personally would not recommend them, as the materials they give you are a little cheap (in my opinion). I'm mostly referring to the elastic string that's included in the kits. As I previously mentioned, these are CHEAP and the last thing you want is to break a bracelet (because beads will fly EVERYWHERE). Please picture this happening in a very crowded, public place. May or may not be speaking from experience. Anywho, I digress.

After you have all your materials, get to stringing! This is such a mindless activity that's perfect for anyone who hates sitting still. I did a US roadtrip last year and those 8 hour car rides got numbingly boring (especially with a partner that insists on doing all of the driving). After you get a good strand going, you can measure with a ruler (or just wing it like me and wrap it around your wrist) and tie it off! THIS IS IMPORTANT: Tie the knot at least 3 or 4 times, alternating directions. Once you've got your knot secured, dab (or smother) a little super glue to secure it! (This may require help from someone unless you have three hands.) I typically *lightly* stretch the beads away from the knot, (get my husband to) apply the glue, and hold it for a minute or so to let the glue dry on the knot itself so it doesn't attach to the beads surrounding it. I then usually wait a solid day or so before snipping the elastic strands left over, as close to the knot as I can, without actually cutting the knot.

There you have it folks! It's truly that easy and requires little to no crafting experience. Also, I totally encourage you to shop around for the best deals, but if you do use any of the links provided, I do make a small commission, at no extra cost to you! For the best results, mix and match different beads to get a more interesting stack! The possibilities as endless.

Happy crafting!


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1 Comment

May 10

Love this! Such a fun and creative way to accessorize! Can't wait to try making my own bracelet stacks now. Thanks for the inspiration!

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