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Top Picks for Your Amazon Wedding Registry

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, and your registry is an essential part of it. It's a chance for you to create a wish list of items that will help you build a home together as newlyweds. While creating a registry might seem overwhelming at first, it's actually an enjoyable and exciting process that will help you start your new life together. (Literally one of the best parts of getting married...besides, ya know, being married.)

There are so many different things you can add to your registry, from household appliances to luxurious bedding to personalized keepsakes. However, it's important to remember that your registry should reflect your unique style and needs. With that in mind, I've put together some helpful tips and suggestions to help you create a registry that's tailored just for you and your partner. So, whether you're a minimalist couple looking for practical essentials or a more traditional duo in search of luxurious gifts, we've got you covered. Here are just a few essentials you can add to your registry!


1. Mixer - This was one of the must haves I would add! This is a pricier gift, and if you feel uncomfortable adding something that cost so much - don't! People really do want to set you up for success.

2. Knife Set - Having a solid knife set makes cooking so much easier! If you already have one but it's getting a little dull, consider adding a knife sharpener.

3. Glass Cup Set - I am so upset I didn't find these until after our wedding. These are the coolest glasses I've ever seen!!!

4. Pots and Pan Set - It was so nice to upgrade to a matching set after all of our college pots and pans were random hand-me-down.

5. Small Oven/Ice Cream Bowls - These were more of a want than a need, but we were gifted these and use them everyday!

6. Dinnerware Sets - Obsessed with these. That is all.

7. Instant Pot - Luckily for me, my husband cooks most of our meals, but he claims this is a game changer!

8. Water Bottle Storage - We didn't actually get this, but it's going on my birthday list next year LOL. How nice would it be to store these horizontally?!

9. Wine Tumblers - Perfect if you live in an apartment/community with a pool and you can't bring glass inside!

10. Paper Towel Holder - This was my husband's top pick (?!) and I thought it was silly, but it is super nice to not have to re-roll the paper towels when you accidentally pull too hard.

11. Grill Set - My favorite part is that they come in a case so you can store them SO easily!

12. Air Fryer - Yet another game changer!

13. Coffee Maker - Time to upgrade from your little coffee maker if you haven't yet! I love

the schedule setting so I can wake up to the smell of coffee coming from my kitchen!

14. Blender - I thought the $20 walmart blender we had was fine until we were gifted a ninja blender. I'm convinced it can blend anything.

15. Dutch Oven - Probably not super necessary unless you're an avid baker, but my husband loves to (try to) make bread!

16. Silverware Set - Again, another upgrade from all the mismatched pieces we had before!

17. Bakeware Set - This set includes all the bakeware pieces you could possibly need!


1. Wine Glasses - Perfect for a movie night in!

2. Champagne Flutes - I am obsessed with this set! I actually bought these for myself after seeing they were on sale one day... no regrets.

3. Ice Bucket - Simple but functional! If you host regularly, this is such a nice touch to offer your guests.

4. Cake Stand - One of my essentials! I love that is comes with a dome lid so I don't have to worry about any cats getting in to my cake/goods.

5. Cocktail Bartending Set - I love breaking out our cocktail set to pretend I'm fancy and know what I'm doing. (LOL)

6. Air Mattress - Even if you have a guest bedroom, you never know when you'll need this!


1. Ladder - You might not think this is super necessary until you need it. Kinda like a plunger... Moral of the story, don't wait until you need one.

2. Robot Vacuum - Probably unnecessary but this is so nice to have for our wood floors.

3. Portable Carpet Cleaner - I was so excited to get this and finally clean our couch. (It was so gross.)

4. Swiffer Wet Jet - Don't judge us but before we got our Swiffer, we just didn't mop. Not sure if that's super gross or not but let's just say a vacuum just can't get everything.

5. Vacuum - Another staple. If you're feeling bougie, opt for a dyson! We LOVE ours. The swivel feature is our favorite and vacuuming is now our favorite chore.

6. Safe - We love knowing or important documents & passports are safe in case of a fire or flood. Your really never know what could happen, but it's better to be on the safe side.

7. Curtains - See below.

8. Area Rugs - I went to design school for college and my first tip when people ask me how to decorate are curtains and rugs. They can easily transform your space!

Bed + Bath

1. Pillows - Another upgrade! They say you're supposed to replace your pillows yearly. I won't expose myself and tell you how long we've had ours.

2. Sheet Set - The cooling feature is a game changer if your partner sweats in their sleep!

3. Down Comforter - How to make your room more cozy 101.

4. Towel Set - White towels are another way to get that hotel feel!

5. Bath Mats - There's nothing more refreshing than setting out of a relaxing shower and onto the comfiest bath mat.

6. Towel Warmer - Another want. We didn't end up getting this BUT I won't give up. This might just go on my Christmas wish list. :)

7. Shower Curtain - After awhile it's nice to have a change. This set will give you a ~hotel feel~


1. Various Games - We LOVE board games. I think these ones are the basics, especially if you have kids or plan on having them in the future! We also love Cards Against Humanity and Most Likely To for a more adult game night.

2. Luggage Sets - Finding a reliable luggage set can be tricky, but these are super sturdy (and super cute).

3. Foldable Camping Chairs - I love these chairs! They're pretty modern and functional - perfect for camping, the beach, or a sports game or outdoor concert!

4. Luggage Packing Cubes - These are pretty controversial but I love these for traveling storage! Maybe just because I'm a type A organized freak, but I think they really do help.

5. Massage Gun - Another want, but honestly, you should be getting things you want. You deserve it!

There you have it! These are just some ideas of what to include on your registry. Honestly the list is endless, but it's so fun to create your wish list with your partner. Please note I do make a small commission through the links at no extra cost to you.

Happy wedding planning friends!


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