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DIY: Eco-Friendly & Minimal Wrapping Paper

Hi friends! If you’re anything like me, you love giving gifts, especially at Christmas time! I’m usually done shopping in the fall (don’t judge!) and wrap my presents to add to the Christmas décor in my apartment. Since I use them as part of the decoration, I like for them to fit my minimal/modern theme. Here are some easy hacks you can use to spruce up your wrapping game this year!

GREENERY: An oldie but a goodie! Snip some of your favorite outdoor sprigs and add a neutral pop of color! This looks best on plain or not super busy paper with jute or twine. Plus, if you have a Christmas tree up, this will tie the two together for a cohesive look. (Can you tell I went to design school?) Just be careful to not snip too early or close to Christmas day, or else the greenery might fall apart soon after you cut it.

SPLATTER PAINT: This year, I got a giant roll of recycled kraft paper and went to town! I went to my parents house to use their yard and rolled the paper out and splatter painted the heck out of it. I learned this wasn’t the best idea, because when wrapping the paint started to flake off because it was way too thick. LOL! I tell you this so you can learn from my mistakes. A better idea is to wrap the present first and then splatter paint the paper at a closer distance. I used a paintbrush and my thumb about 12” away and it came out so good!

PATTERNS: Going for a more abstract approach? If you wouldn’t consider yourself ~artsy,~ I promise you, you can do this! These can be super simple designs. Stripes, zig-zag, circles, animal print, cursive lettering, it can be whatever you want! Don’t be too hard on yourself during this process. If you’re nervous, I would highly recommend Dalmatian or cheetah print, because those are super easy! I did some of these on white easel paper.

SCRAPS: After you wrap, unless you’re a super talented cutter of the paper, you’ll probably have some scrap paper. I save mine and shred it to use as gift basket filler! So easy, and it looks almost the same as crinkle paper. The truth is, your recipient probably won’t even notice the difference, because they’ll be so excited about their gift!

I hope you were able to find a bit of inspiration and tips to help make your wrapping a little easier and more eco-friendly this year! Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday friends!


Side note: Any purchases made through the above links directly support me and allow me to continue going what I love (at no extra cost to you). I have used all of these products and would never suggest anything I didn’t love myself! Also, gift tags are available in my Etsy shop!

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