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Mother's Day Gift Guide

Hi friends! Wondering what to get your mom this upcoming Mother's Day? I'm usually really good at gift giving, but when it comes to my mom, I always have the hardest time coming up with fun and new ideas. I mean really, what do you give to someone who has done so much for you?!

If you’re anything like me, you plan out gifts for birthdays & holidays with an unnecessary amount of time. If you’re normal, you wait until the last-minute and rely on Amazon & hope it gets delivered with enough time to wrap it. (No shade, I wish I was more like this.) I’ve put together a gift guide for some goodies I’ve gotten for my mom or family members in the past! I usually like to make people gifts but every once in a while my family members luck out when I'm too busy. ;)

As a small business myself, it would be amazing if you plan early and choose to support your local small shops and artists. Just allow for plenty of time for custom goodies and shipping times if you go this route! I know shopping small is not always an option for everyone, so I’ve included some Amazon options as well as some DIY options! Happy shopping friends!

Small Shop Options:

-Mom Bracelet Stack - Is your Mom trendy?! Alissa has so many options & choices for custom bracelet stacks. I especially love this one that says Mama!

-Custom champagne flute - Wine to go, anyone?! Mariah makes so many cute customizable products your momma will love!

-Weekly & Grocery Notepads - Does your mom always seem to be planning for something?! Get her something she'd love to keep a list on! Isabella MG + Co. has some of the cutest stationery products!

-Custom pet or family portrait - There are so many great options on Etsy for these, so I'm not going to link any so you can find one that best fits your style.

-Custom family doormat - Shameless plug here for my Etsy shop. #sorrynotsorry (I also offer a "shhh, baby sleeping" for any expecting mothers!)

Amazon Options:

-Kitchen Containers - Not really sure if this is what most people want as a gift, but help her organize the pantry with trendy containers with calligraphy labels from Etsy!

-Bath Tub Tray - This was a perfect gift when my parents got their bathroom remodeled!

-Slippers/Robe - Always my go-to when I can't think of anything LOL.

-Reusable Water bottle - Time to reduce plastics, people!! Get your mom one with a filter in it if she's outdoorsy!

-Travel Kit - Opt for something they need instead of want! I have one of these that I LOVE and my mom actually asked for it after seeing mine.

-Mom Mode Sweatshirt - Can't go wrong with a cute tee or sweatshirt!

-Kendra Scott Necklace - My mom always loved mine when I wore it, so I got her one to match me.

-Bath Bombs - You can either buy these or make them but sometimes the supplies can get a little pricey!

DIY Options:

-Recipe book (include all of her favorite meals & family recipes!)



-Go old-school and burn her a CD! (Low-key I still make CDs all the time LOL.) Or if she's tech savy make her a Spotify playlist.

-Get the fam dressed up to take family photos! You can hire a photographer for this or just use your own self timer. Either way, your mom would cherish them!

-Polymer clay earrings are so fun and inexpensive to make! I have a blog post on that here.

There you have it friends! I hope you were able to get some inspiration on what to gift your Mom this year! Also, I totally encourage you to shop around for the best deals, but if you do use a few of the links provided, I do make a small commission, at no extra cost to you! Happy shopping (or crafting) friends!


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