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Simple Trick to Writing in a Straight Line (Without Any Expensive Equipment)

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

As a calligrapher, writing in a straight line is so important! Whether I’m working on name cards, table numbers, or envelope addressing, I ALWAYS break out my laser level, so I don’t have to worry about erasing any guidelines or risk the possibility of crooked writing. If you want to try this at home, here’s what you’ll need:

-Ruled Notebook

THAT’S IT! All you need to do is place your name card or envelope on top of a piece of lined notebook paper and get to writing. It’s really that simple! Just line it up and make sure the laser is aligned with your paper. In the photo I used washi tape to stick it in place, but I usually just hold the paper down with my left hand!

I’ve seen people use a super fancy table top unit that costs a ridiculous amount of money. And envelope templates? I guess they could be helpful, but I don’t think they’re a necessity! I’m all about saving money so you bet I’ll find the cheapest way to do something. I hope this tip helps you if you’ve been struggling with this!

<3 Baylee

Side note* Any purchases made through the links directly support me and allow me to continue going what I love (at no extra cost to you). I have used all of these products and would never suggest anything I didn’t love myself!

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